The Incredibles

I went to see The Incredibles yesterday. It was a great flick. It has a very unique animation style, within moments, you’ll notice it. The have gone out of their way to make it feel like an old school comic book. In fact many of the heroes are based on characters you know. For example, Frozone, is a combination of Iceman and Silver Surfer.

Speaking of Frozone, the role played by Samuel L. Jackson was kick ass. There is a scene near the end where Frozone and his wife are having a “heated discussion” over where his suit is. If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction you will especially enjoy this scene. Frozone is basically Iceman. Except when he is sliding around on the sheets of ice he creates, he once uses a silver surfboard.

I won’t go into all the characters you see in the film, but most of you will enjoy it without the comic background. If you have read too many comics, I think you will get even more from it. I will say that the villain (voiced by Jason Lee) takes quite a few queues from Bond Villains and The Joker. So look for his part.

Also keep your ears open for Vizzini/The Grand Nagus!

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  1. One of the greatest things about The Incredibles is that it’s not a kiddies film; it’s completely different to all the other Pixar films. They bring out tommy guns in the second scene| for crying out loud! If you want to see a more adult animated film then go see The Incredibles and enjoy every minute. But I wouldn’t bring someone younger than 4 maybe because it isn’t really aimed at them and they probably would find it quite scary.


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