Pro SQL Server 2005 Replication

I found this book to be very useful, but even 1000 pages is not enough to cover everything you need to know about replication.  This book is great for  replication basics and foundation of replication.  If you need an exhaustive collection of information on replication, hit the MSDN Books On Line.

I was able to easily follow the presentation of each replication method.  The configuring and internals chapters are useful. I was able to set up and get my replication going by referring to the configuring chapter.  The screen shots are a bit difficult to read at times. When I needed to get more detail than I could find in the book, I was usually able to find the screen shot I was looking for in the BOL.

Overall, if you are new to replication, this is your book.   If you have some familiarity with it, skip this book, and head straight to the BOL.

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