Good News Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but I have good reasons.

I’ve been working at my current employer for three and a half years.  I no longer see this place in a positive light.  So I’ve worked hard to find a better job.  After a fairly short search I found a new job.  It’s a really good fit for me.  They are a little more structured in technology than where I was.  They have higher requirements for those in a client services role.  They have a design phase for new work and upgrades.  They have a QA process for releasing new code into production, and most importantly, they needed someone with some experience.  After less than an hour after leaving the in person interview I got the offer!

I’ve also spent some time helping a friend’s mother with her floors.  She wanted to replace the flooring in her kitchen and dining room.  She chose to go with laminate faux wood floors.  When whe pulled up the old flooring to start, we found beautiful real hard wood floors, one of rooms was even red oak…Talk about SCORE!!!

Those are nothing compared to the last thing that’s been taking up time.  I’ve been reading more, and as a result, I’m back into writing.  I’ve finished the 2nd draft of a screenplay that a group of friends and I are planning on shooting in March of next year  (or whenever it warms up).  I’ll be splitting my time between pre-production and all my other obligations for the rest of this year.

I have to say even though this year has had some major crap in it… there have been some very notable plusses.   Considering we’re coming up on Thanksgiving it was pretty important to get those plusses out there, since I am thankful for them.

Keep an eye on  All of my video work will be released through this company.

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