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Wachovia LogoAfter several months of consideration, I’ve changed jobs. I’m now at Wachovia in the university area. It’s much closer, My commute is just 12 miles now! I’m contract so there isn’t as much pressure to work long hours. And even with the additional protocols, I find more freedom in the ability to fully utilize the features SQL has to offer.

I grew quite a bit with my last position. I worked with hierarchical relationships, rather than simply one-to-one and one-to-many relationships. I worked with GUIDs extensively for the first time. I also worked with multi-lingual data extensively for the first time. I was also called upon to teach more often than I have in previous positions.

I’ve found that I enjoy teaching more than I thought possible. So, I’ll be publishing some blogs concerning the techniques I’ve used recently, and those I am currently using. It’s my hope that I can help more people become more versed in Microsoft SQL! So, if you have any questions about how to do something in MSSQL, please, ask away in the comments

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    1. Thanks! It’s been an awesome experience. This is my first time as a “full time” DBA. I’m still doing a little bit of everything, but this is the first time the programming, and analysis are considered a much lower priority for me. It’s exactly what I wanted.


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