Quest’s TOAD Jumps to the Cloud

Coming next week, Quest Software plans to release TOAD for Cloud. This will extend its database tools into the Cloud environment.  In the first version there will be support for four datasources – Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft SQL Azure, Apache HBase and any database with an ODBC driver.  This will open a world of new possibilities.

TOAD for Cloud will be freely available From the Quest website and according to Brent Ozar, “the target market is DBAs and data analysts who need to be able to do cross joins between Cloud platforms and their existing databases inside the organisation.”

Ozar has already said that Quest will be adding support for more databases over time.  The smart money says they’ll continue rolling out more provider support as they come out.  But none have specifically been identified at this time.

I haven’t used TOAD since my days at GCS.  But this seems like there will be a whole new suite of tools available for the Database Administrator or Developer very soon.  I hope to try out this software, and put it through it’s paces.  I’ll then let you all know what I find.

Stay tuned!

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