Missed Deadlines

Looks like I missed my personal deadline to take my 70-433 last month.  I let myself get wrapped up in the final phases of development on a conversion I’ve built for Wachovia/Wells Fargo.  The good news is the extra effort has paid off in testing.  We’ve worked through the first round of testing with only one bug detected so far.  And that one turns out to be a problem with an input file.  Something we were able to turn around and correct in minutes due to the flexibility built into the design.

The Current plan has us completing testing by mid-September.  That opens me up to do more training on this site!  I’ve had requests to explain SSIS, so I’ll begin there.  I’m not abandoning the 70-433 material, it’s just on hold for now.  I’m still studying for the exam.  I’ve just had to review my timeline a bit.

My next article will start with using the Import Export wizard to move data from a table in one database to a table in another database.  Simple stuff, but it’s a way to break into SSIS, and see how some of the components work.  From there, we’ll start digging deeper into the components and how to do more and more complex tasks.

If you have tasks that you’d like to learn how to accomplish in SSIS, let me know.  I’ll use your requests as examples.

If you have questions on other SQL topics, send those in too.  I’m here to help!

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