SQL 101 Training

Wednesday November 24th, from 5 – 7pm I’ll be offering my SQL 101 course.  I was thinking about adding a remote option for those of you who can’t make it up to Concord.  I’d like to know how many of you there will be so I can arrange GoToMeeting, or something similar so you can participate remotely.

There are a few in the class who are completely new to database technology, so I’ll begin with database fundamentals and move into SELECT statements.  I’d like to make it through JOIN, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY within this two hour period.  Depending on how the class goes, I could be convinced to hold future classes and cover the remainder of the 101 series.

After the class I will provide my slide deck, example code generated during the class, (and hopefully) a recording of the presentation.  That way those who can’t make it to the class, can get something from the experience.

Just let me know, either through comments to this article, or click here and send me an email!  I look forward to this chance to share what I know.

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