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SQL Azure Incompatibilities list

While 99% of what you do in SQL is supported in SQL Azure, there is a small list of things you’ll have to redesign, or at least reconsider before implementing your code on SQL Azure.  The following is a list of items that are well documented, but I want to create a more complete list.  […]

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SQL 102-SELECT * Overhead

How many of you have heard me rant against using “SELECT * FROM tableName”? If you have I’m sure you’ve heard me mention the following reasons why SELECT * is evil. the more data you ask for, the longer it takes to return that data extra paging table locking hinders future attempts to create a […]

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Microsoft Continues to Support PHP

Microsoft continued their support of PHP by releasing a Community Technology Preview for the SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0.  With this release PHP developer can use PHP Data Objects with the SQL Server driver!  This will serve to reduce the complexity of targeting multiple databases on the back end.  As I’ve noticed before, Business […]

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