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SQL 202-Locking and Blocking

At a recent Charlotte SQL Server Users Group meeting, one member asked what’s the difference between locking and blocking.  I figured I’d cover that today. Locking When you work in your database, you’re not alone.  There are other users connected hitting the same database as you, the same tables as you.  You have to share […]

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SQL 202-Interpreting your Execution Plan

OK, I’ve explained how you can see the execution plan for your query (either the actual or the estimated).  So now you can see your plan…Now what?  What do you want to look for?  Here’s the plan for the query I was running when I started this post.  I was looking at the IO statistics […]

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SQL 202-Indexes with WHERE clauses

So I have this table in my new database that is used as the base table for more than 50% of the queries that are run on my server.  It’s our product table.  Along with all the basic information about products there’s a column that hold the status of that product, it’s either active or […]

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