De-duping by temp table

Last time, we learned that manually removing duplicate rows from a table could be a long and manual process.  Especially when you have as many duplicates as I created in our troubled table.  Today we’re going to look at using temp tables to remove the extra rows.  I gave you the overview to this already,… Continue reading De-duping by temp table

Manually Deleting Stinks!

Go ahead and set up your TroubledTable by running the Create Troubled Table T-SQl Script.  Now take a look at your duplicate rows. SELECT email, COUNT(*) FROM troubledTable GROUP BY email HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 You’ve got 200 rows that have been duplicated over and over.  Not a pretty sight.  Imagine how long it you… Continue reading Manually Deleting Stinks!

Design Patterns Session

On February 6, I’m going to tele-present a session on T-SQL design patterns to the Brazil SQL Server Users Group.  During this session I’ll cover three common scenarios you face, that can be solved by using T-SQL: Removing duplicate rows from tables. Create Troubled Table T-SQl Script — This contains the table we’ll use for… Continue reading Design Patterns Session