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Normally I’d share with you some of the questions I’ve been reviewing for the 70-433.  Either that, or teach you something new about SQL.  But I’m heading into another weekend and thought I’d talk about something else.

First up, I’d like to share a new app with you ShopKick.  This is the only location based service app that gives you real rewards for sharing your location data with them.  If you have an electronics and gadgets habit like I do, it will pay to have this app on your phone.  I spend less than 30 minutes a day playing with the app, and I’ve already earned $60 in Best Buy gift cards!

There are a few ways I’ve learned to maximize your efforts and minimize the time you spend in the app.

  1. When you’re checking in to locations (clicking the company names near you), click all the bonus stars first, then all the points bonuses, then all the regular check-ins.  That way you get all your multipliers first.
  2. Once you have multipliers, choose the highest values first.  For example, if you get a 2x your next scan, don’t scan a 10 kickbuck item, save up your 50 kick buck items!
  3. If you take public transit, or car pool, use that time to do your checkins.  You can hit a lot of stores in as little as 10 miles!  Agree to help your driver by running his or her checkins while they drive.  Safety first!

There are other tricks to the game.  I’m sure you’ll pick them up as soon as you start using the app.  If you have any questions about Shopkick, please let me know.  I’ll do my best to find the answers for you!

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