Happy New Year

2011 is going to be a big year!  I’m getting my certification exams out of the way.  I’m heading to PASS Summit 2011.  I’m pushing myself harder this year, because I know I can do more.  What does this mean for you, my very special reader?  More content!

I’m pushing for more content in 2011 than 2010.  I’m starting to cover more advanced topics.  I think I’ve mastered all the 100 level and 200 level content.  I want to make sure all of that material is available on this site, free of charge!  I’m looking to experiment with different distribution methods this year.  I’m looking to collect my live training sessions on video, so I can share them with a wider audience.

This year I’m also going to ask a little more from you too.  I want to help more people grow in SQL Server skills.  So far I haven’t seen  a lot of feedback on this site.  I have received emails, tweets, and in person comments.  That’s cool, but I want to do more.  I can do more!  This coming year, I’m going to work on getting more interactivity through the site.  I’m not sure how yet… but It’s on my todo list.

If you have suggestions, please, let me know.

Keep visiting.  Keep telling me how I can help.  I’ll keep doing everything I can to help.

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By Shannon Lowder

Shannon Lowder is the Database Engineer you've been looking for! Look no further for expertise in: Business Analysis to gather the business requirements for the database; Database Architecting to design the logical design of the database; Database Development to actually build the objects needed by the business logic; finally, Database Administration to keep the database running in top form, and making sure there is a disaster recovery plan.

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