Don’t Miss My Session at SQLSaturday #80

That’s right!  I’ll be speaking at this weekend’s SQL Saturday event in Wheeling, WV.  I’m the last speaker in track #3.  I’m looking forward to Ed Wilson’s PowerShell session at 9:10AM, I need to use more PowerShell in my daily job.  I have a couple of scripts that really work for me now, it’s time to up that!

After that, I’m planning on heading over to Allen White’s Service Broker session.  I kno w what Service Broker is, and I have a rough idea of how I would use it, but I’d really like to get more details on how I can start putting it into practice.

Next, I’ll head over to Paul Hiles PowerShell session.  Like I said before, I still have a lot to learn with PowerShell.

I’m not sure which session I’ll hit up for the 2:40 session, it’s a tough call!

No matter which sessions you take in, if you can make the drive in to Wheeling this weekend, you can’t afford to miss the information that’s being given away freely.  If you want to take your career to the next level, events like these will make it happen.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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