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World Backup Day

This past Saturday was World Backup Day, It’s not an actual government recognized holiday, but as a DBA you should start celebrating it.  Maybe celebrate isn’t the right word for what you might want to do on WBD.  If you have a copy of the  SQL PASS Summit 2011 DVDs, check out Grant Fritchey’s Lightning […]

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Foreign Keys and Witchcraft

I’ve worked with hundreds databases in my career.  I could probably design a handful of them from memory if asked.  I have notes to remind me of lessons learned from most of them.  When I start looking through that list one of the things I most often reference is the importance of Foreign keys.  Why […]

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SQL 102-SELECT * Overhead

How many of you have heard me rant against using “SELECT * FROM tableName”? If you have I’m sure you’ve heard me mention the following reasons why SELECT * is evil. the more data you ask for, the longer it takes to return that data extra paging table locking hinders future attempts to create a […]

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